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As much as I can proficiently shoot paper with my 9mm, when you are in a real life or death situation with the adrenalin kicked in, and your hands shaking, just like we all want to pretend like we wouldn't do, nothing beats the simplicity of a double action action revolver. You never have to remember if you have a round chambered, if the safety is on, or if the hammer needs to be cocked. You pull it out and shart pulling the trigger. Sure its only 5 shots, but 5 shots from a .38 drastically improves my chances for survival over being unarmed. The chances I will every need to use it is slim. The chances I will need to use and need more than 5 rounds is astonomically slim. As far as energy being less than 9mm...huh? They are nearly identical balistically with a much better selection of bullet types for your .38.
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