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ak hunting

Joe - wow did you open a can of worms! I figured being a New England boy, cutting my teeth hunting in Maine, I was bear aware. I had no idea what a hot topic bear defense was for those headed to Alaska to live/hunt and how ignorant I was. I appreciate the heads up.

After all the research and post reviews I came away with even more questions. Was hoping a 308 rifle with a 180-200 grain bonded load with a 45 hollow points/ Springfield pistol would be more then enough for bear defense (realizing that neither of course was even close to suitable for bear hunting).

Now, after the research, I'm debating carrying my Remmy 12 guage with slugs on any hunting trip or deep hike. Hate to carry 3 guns but I would hate it even more if my last thought was "oh sh#t that's a big bear, wish I had a bigger gun". Any thoughts on a 308 rifle / 45 pistol combo for bear defense? Thanks again Joe.
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