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I live in NJ and have been down this road several times.

Here is the scoop on hollowpoints in NJ.

1. Legal to posses and use in self defense inside of ones home.

2. Legal to posses and transport for use at the range.

3. If you are retired NJ leo or have a NJ carry permit (whatever that is) it is illegal for you to use hollowpoints outside your home.

4. If you move from one place to another there is no exemption to allow you to transport your hollow points to your new home. You have to leave them with the your old homes new occupant. Yes, this sounds crazy but there was a case argued by Evan Nappen for someone who was arrested for just this.

5. Using hollowpoints in the commision of a crime in NJ is an added offense.

6. Don't leave any hollowpoints rolling around on the floor of your car when not in route to or from the range. Even just the bullet itself without the casing is a crime outside of the to and from range exemption.

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