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Intersting to see this thread re-emerge. So now retired LEOs can carry hollowpoints. And hollowpoints are legal for hunting-only handgun ammo is banned. The funniest part to me was the reference to "dum-dum" bullets. The true "dum-dums" were actually soft lead rifle rounds produced by a factory in Dumdum India for the British military--lead rounds that would of course mushroom on impact. The term was later applied colloquially to all soft lead rifle ammo that was banned by international convention because of the extensive damage such rounds do to flesh--and also because in an era of high velocity rounds they were obsolete anyway. They are not "armor piercing" rounds. So I must wonder, does NJ, under this law, purport to ban Minie balls too? What about hqand cast lead rounds? (I am being facetious--no soft lead round will meet the hardness spec in the statute. But a brass solid round would.)
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