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I was at several local gun shops today looking for an AR upper (no luck) and one store had 4 AK’s. I have no idea where they were made but all of them were 1100$
Another store had a Chinese that wanted 900$. I have one of these that I paid 280$ years ago.
I wish it were over.
There's a difference between "over" and "ending." That those things were on the shelf to sell at all tells me that we've passed the peak. The people who are willing to spend insane money based on speculation of future bans have done so; Feinstein's bill doesn't have much life in it on the Senate floor and would be DOA in the House. People are realizing a new ban is very unlikely on the federal level (and most states aren't likely to come up with one).

The ammo panic is still in full swing, magazines are just hard to come by anyway, but to me it looks like the rifle panic is on the downswing; at this point there isn't much massive profit to be made anymore and the speculators still sitting on product are going to need to move it at lower prices than they were hoping to get.
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