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I just got into a guns a few months ago and went to the local gun shop to look at what was available. The only thing I had fired at the time was a XD9 and liked it. The shop actually had one and I ended up buying it after shopping around and finding none anywhere else - I admit I was really itching to own something and had money budgeted for one. Anyway, I had never heard of CZ but the guy behind me saw me shopping and really recommended them. The dealer pulls out a 75B and lets me handle it. I liked the feel but had no idea what I was doing and was skeptical since I'd never heard the name. After that experience I did some research and it sounded like I should have paid more attention. I checked back a couple weeks later and it was of course gone and none have come to replace it. I always checkout the displays wherever I go and haven't noticed one since...
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