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Makarovs are fine weapons, but for a gun that's going to be - in effect - the only weapon, used for CARRY and HOME DEFENSE and fun at the range, I'd go with the CZ.

(And yes, I've had a bunch of .380s and 9x18s, including Makarovs and the CZ-82, a P3AT, an LCP, and I've shot the P-64. While the Mak and CZ-82 are smaller, they're NOT that small, and they're not that light -- and they don't have the force/power of the 9x19 CZs. If you want a small gun, the Ruger LC9 and Kel-Tec PF9 are also small, and more powerful; they're probably cheaper, too.)

My first Makarov was an East German made by/in Suhl; the second was a Bulgarian. The Bulgarian Mak was almost as nice as the Suhl, which is supposed to be the best of the Maks. and was far less costly.

Get the CZ-75. Having a Makarov just becuase they're increasingly rare is a poor excuse for getting one. If you really want a 9x18 gun, OK -- but not because they'll eventually be hard to find. There'll be enough around for a long time to come so that the won't increase THAT MUCH in value to consider them an investment/collectible. (Sadly, almost any gun you consider worth buying for its potential investment/collectible value is very likely to turn out to be an investment/collectible gun).

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