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Perhaps I am missing something, but these three pages of getting training before being allowed to have a gun all seems centered around those of you for whom gun ownership only means SD/HD.

While I do have a few guns for that, the majority of my guns are for hunting and target shooting. Telling me I NEED training before I am allowed to buy a gun is just what the antis want us to do - divide and conquer ourselves.

While I understand that it is a good idea, making it mandatory is not; otherwise, let's ban stores from selling kitchen knives until you have passed a safety course - and the same for ladders - as those two items are responsible for more accidental injuries than any other items in the house.

Should responsible folks get training when getting into guns for the first time? Obviously.....making it some form of law and requirement seems to violate the 2A as I read it, no different than poll taxes

If I completely misread this thread's intent, my apologies, if I haven't, then some folks need a history lesson
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