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Hello to all,

I' am 21 years old and a female soldier, serving in the Federal Armed Forces in Germany.

Unfortunatley Germany has very strict gun laws, so the only ones I shoot are the P8 9x19 , HK G36 5,56x45 and the MG3 7,62 for military training.
My "inexistent collection of guns" is reduced to several bajonetts and other items of the WW2 and soviet era.
So, I really envy you folks for beeing allowed to bear arms. ;-)

I found this forum while looking for a place where it is possible to read and learn more about gun related subjects.

I have been interested in guns for a long time, starting with a huge fascination for weapons of the WW2, especially for the German and Russian ones like the K98k and Moisin Nagant. Futhermore I love all the Ak series, first of all the Ak 74 u. Besides of Russian guns, I have a huge interest for modern assault rifles, PDWs etc.

I apologize for my English and hope that it won't bother the members of the forum too much.

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