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I bought an LCP when they first came out.
I already had a Kahr PM9, and the PM9 has gotten far more carry and shooting time.

I have often taken that pair to the range (as I did earlier this week) to allow a friend who has recently gotten his CHL. He has a 642 but thinks it too large for pocket carry.

He put about 50 rounds through the LCP, 50 through the PM9 and took the LCP (plus pocket holster) with him to carry for a week. I took his 642.

Yesterday he contacted me and asked me to keep an eye out for an LCP for him. Fortunately, my LGS has several.

Now as far as finding ammo...that is a question for another day. But I have a box or two I can spare, and he can pay me back one day when ammo is readily available again.
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