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But you do understand that what is true for you may not hold true for others, correct?
Which is why I used the personal pronoun (I), and why I stated carry what you want.

The way you describe the "Roll" is how my magnum revolvers all recoil whether single or double action, therefore I do not see the concern over it.

The single action should not roll "in" your hand, rather your hand should roll up 'with' the sixgun. I've been a serious single action shooter for 25yrs and I've never had the need to shift my grip around between shots. If you do, you're probably doing something wrong and shouldn't be carrying a single action for defensive purposes anyway.
Nope, as I stated, mine don't move in my hand. I guess I misunderstood "roll" as the natural reaction to heavy recoil.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.

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