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New Western Rig

I received my new rig from Frontier Gunleather yesterday just 19 days after placing the order. They call it The Hollywood. I had the front cut straight like the Arness Rig. It has 30 cartridge holders on the belt.

Very nice looking rig.
Fit is good, like most leather it needs some breaking in.
The leather belt and holster are thick and stiff like I like it.
The holster is reinforced in the cylinder area.
It feels very comfortable.
Very fast turn around time.
They sent a customer satisfaction survey card, stamped for return. So they must be listening to their customers comments.

It was what I consider expensive. But I like the thickness of the leather and don't mind paying for the quality that I want and got.
There were several scratches on it that I didn't put on it. Looks like it will show scratches easily, maybe because of the finish or color.
I asked to be notified when it was shipped since it wasn't being shipped to my address. They didn't notify me and thats my biggest complaint with it.

The cartridge holders didn't come filled with .45 colt ammo.
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