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Back in the 50's a gun shop owner told me that most people buy hunting rifles for about a week's pay and won't pay more than that. In the 50's most people around here made about $75-90 a week. You could buy a Win 94 for that, but a Mod. 70 Was around $120, without scope. More people bought 94s, perhaps for that reason, but also because they tended to hunt more in the woods and not in places where it took a scope to shoot one.

A lot of guys weren't very savvy about guns or accuracy. Many used guns handed-down by their fathers and grandfathers. They may have had more hunting experience than shooting experience...many hunted with the same box of ammo for about 15 years or more. (How many of us can say that.) I've seen many bullets pushed back into 30-30, 32 Spl., or .35 rem cases by so many loadings/unloadings and being in the magazine when others were fired.

Yes, the good old days may be threatened by shortages these days, but firearms technology, quality firearm costs and ammo improvements have been pretty nice, compared with my old days.

Back then, stores would break ammo boxes, so you could buy one or several rounds. A buddy of mine went deer hunting with only 5 rounds. He shot them all right over a nice buck because he was looking over the open rear sight, just putting the front sight on it. The deer just stood there and looked at him!!!

We had to go home because he was done for the day. My '06 rounds obviously didn't fit his .30-30 Win.
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