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Originally Posted by VTRich
I was lucky to find this 625 with a 3" barrel. I was told there were only 200 made, but don't know if that is fact or not.
Regarding the production figure, I don't know for certain either; however, your gun has features that are consistent with a whole series of Lew Horton distributor exclusives (3"bbl, SS, RB, wood stocks). AFAIK these were offered in virtually every modern N frame chambering and some versions were ported. Lew Horton would generally sell 200-300 of a certain version one year, but would often roll out a similar version a year or two later, with one or two minor changes.

IOW I don't know if your gun is one of only 200 sold total, or if it's one of 200 sold that particular year.

I'm sure that someone on the S&W forum can give you better info. I'm not an expert on these guns; I know just enough about them to identify one. I suggest posting that you think the gun is a Lew Horton.
Originally Posted by feets
Is it possible to have a S&W 325 punched for 45 Colt?
AFAIK the .45 Colt guns have a longer cylinder and correspondingly shorter forcing cone than the .45ACP guns, so this project is more involved than a simple cylinder swap. I suspect you will need a new cylinder.

Also, I'm not sure whether the titanium cylinders offered on some M325 variants can be machined using the same methods as the stainless steel cylinders used on other versions. Perhaps someone with more gunsmithing knowledge than me will chime in.
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