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1973... I traded a Japanese sword to my gunsmith, Mikio Sano (passed away in 2006) for a 1911 he put together. He studied and I think perfected some of Armand Swenson's early ideas. It has a S&W K frame rear sight (cerainly not now the best choice) and a plain ramp front sight, custom barrel contour and bushing (tight as anything can be) NM barrel, a trigger that breaks like glass. It is the most reliable 1911 I have ever owned (and I have had more than 20). It is the most accurate, also. After 40 years it is no longer the "prettiest" to others (to me it is gorgeous). I no longer carry for business reasons; but if I am heading out to do battle or confront a bump in the night...this is the pistol that will be on my hip or in my hand. It saved my life before and I know it would again if the need arose. Bet you can guess what is my favorite!

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