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Many if not most states recognize crows in the "federal migratory birds" group... I think rimfire is off limits in some/many jurisdictions and the shotgun must be plugged to 3 max such as in florida...
Does the plug have to be in my shotgun when I'm hunting?
If you are hunting hogs or resident game birds or mammals such as deer, quail, wild turkeys, rabbits or squirrels, the shotgun can be either plugged or unplugged. If you are hunting migratory game birds such as crows, ducks, geese, moorhens, coots, snipe, rails, woodcocks or doves, the shotgun must be plugged so that it holds no more than three shells in the magazine and chamber combined.
But they don't class these "migratory game birds" as game when it comes to the use of electronic calls...
I thought that electronic game calls or recorded devices are not allowed, but I heard that there is an exemption that allows the use of electronic calls to hunt coyotes and raccoons. Is that correct?

Taking or attempting to take any game with the aid of live decoys, recorded game calls or sounds, set guns, artificial light, net, trap, snare, drug or poison is prohibited. The operative phrase in this statement is "take any game". Game is defined as game birds and game mammals. "Game mammals" are defined as deer, squirrels and rabbits. “Game birds” are defined as wild turkey, quail, non-native species such as pheasant, chuckar partridge, coturnix quail, as well as all migratory game birds, which include ducks, doves, geese, snipe, rails, woodcock, coots and moorhens. You cannot use a recorded game call if attempting to take any of these game birds or game mammals.

Other mammals such as coyotes, raccoons, opossums, beavers, bobcats, skunks, nutrias and otters are furbearers and may be taken using recorded game calls. They may also be used to take crows.
In most places it is against regs to "use live animals to bait"... So don't go tying the wounded crow to a limb...

You just haven't retrieved your quarry yet...


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