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Holding a Weatherby 300 Win Mag is the closest I've come to actually firing one. My opinion about never wanting to (recoil) is based on responses to questions related to the caliber on this site and others as well as first hand accounts of those who own/owned one, and seeing first hand the physical reaction to its generated recoil. If the phrase "kills on both ends" is included in the description of a firearm I'm automatically not interested. A fellow hunter/reloader always talks about loading his down so that the recoil is on par with a .30-06??????? Why not shoot the .30-06 if you're gonna do that?

I do own and target shoot with a Remington Model 700 5R .308 and enjoy every trip to the range. Its very accurate, the recoil is mild, and because of the large volume of load data thats available to reloaders its easy to load for. Thats not to say that the 300 isn't the same. I'm interested in accuracy and don't see the need for a few hundred extra fps the Winny provides if I can get it with a .308 or smaller caliber.
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