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Stock alternative

I have a Remington 700 BDL 22-250 with a 8-32 NightForce scope.

The rifle has a Douglas barrel that was fitted about 3 years ago. The stock is original but the new barrel was glass bedded.

The gun is very capable of small groups. . .until last Friday. Best I could do was 4 inch group at 100 yards with a 55 gr. Speer match bullet and 38.4 gr. H380.

Took it to the smith that did the work and showed him the target and he put the gun in a vise and opened the floor plate. The magazine box was shifted.

He then loosened the front stock screw and felt the action move in the stock. He retightened and let me feel the jump. He repositioned the magazine box where it is supposed to be and retightened the action screws and the jump went away.

A 22-250 has almost zero recoil, yet the rifle action has moved. I do not want a repeat.

My question for you, is if you are really happy with the rifle but not so much with the stock, what stock would you recommend?

The rifle has a butt ugly factory stock from the 70's with the crappy polyurethane finish. I have never liked it but the rifle just shot so good I never changed it.

Now is the time to change things and keep the action and barrel.

Which way would you go? Composite or another wood stock?

This gun will deliver 5 shots at 100 yards into a dime size group. It has done it time after time. It is an old gun with a newer barrel and I really want to keep it and get it shooting good again.

As always, I appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

Carpe Cerveza
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