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Is that unusual for a boar to go after a fawn like that, one that isn't sick or injured -- chase it down, like a mountain lion would??
It's not unusual in this area. i've found the remains of a few fawns that were killed by hogs. i've also seen big boar hogs chasing fawns on two occasions. Killed one of them.

Was sitting in a lawn chair watching a pond. A huge boar hog on the other side of the pond winded me and went nuts, grunting and tearing up the bushes. He then ran off over the dam. About 20-25 minutes later i heard something behind me, stood up and faced that direction very quickly. About 20 yards away stood that big hog. Was he curious, had he been previously wounded, or did he see me as supper? Who knows. i got into the nearby tree stand.

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