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Howa hogue stock on a Weatherby Vanguard

Hi all

I quite like the look and feel of the howa hogue stock. A local gunsmith told me that fitting a howa hogue floating stock on my weatherby vanguard (normally bedded stock) would not be a problem. He did suggest once I made the swap, to take my rifle to the gun range and double check the sighting in. Which I did.

Ever since I swapped to the floating stock on my vanguard though, I can't group within 3-4 inches. I can't even get enough consistency in my shots to see if the scope requires adjusting... Prior to switching stocks, I could do three shots in a one inch group every time with my vanguard 22-250 using the same ammo at 200m.

Is the vanguard just not meant to have a floating barrel?

Some advice here would be great.

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