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I love looking at these and picking out little details.

Pause for..., a couple questions!
1) The toaster oven. ?! Is this re-purposed for something, or is it just a convenient tool for warming up a hoagie at the load bench?

2) Lee Classic Cast set-up for a lefty. Yet the Lee turret press is set up for righty. I'm thinking you could switch that one, too.
HAHAHA my toaster oven get some one every time.
I am a big time pan luber. I have not found a better way to heat the bullets and the lube at the same time.

Heat them up and cut them out. Stick a new one in the same hole. Rinse and repeat.

You can even pan lube hard lube like Blue Angle. But cutting them out will kinda kick you butt.

As for my lefty/ righty press mounting. I prefer to work seated between the presses. I am amberdextrus, one way is just as good as the other. makes it easy.

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