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Engraving is taught at Trinidad too. Their semester is shorter and they just finished. It's also offered during the NRA Summer School.

One thing about Trinidad is that they recently discarded their first come, first serve waiting list of applicants. They now select from those deemed most qualified in that applicant group. So, there is no guarantee that anyone will be admitted there.

As for the women, Denver is better.
Oh okay - I saw engraving as an NRA summer class down in Susanville, which wouldn't be too far of a drive and it would be easy to drive down for a week and stay at a Motel 6 or what have you, dick around in the casino on downtime and then drive back up after the class. Will at least tie me over until I can move to Colorado in a year or so to attend one of the schools there.

What do they base their decision on at Trinidad? I tried out regular community college and had 2 classes before attending the fire academy and acquiring an AA in Fire Science, then got in that car accident and my grades all went to hell, so my transcripts definitely are not the best.

As for the women, on top of being near downtown and having a buddy to split rent with, Denver is looking better and better.

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