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Originally Posted by pax
What I'm getting at is that money is a factor, sometimes a painfully obnoxious or even crippling one. But it's only going to keep you from learning if you let it.

And here's the kicker: shooting is a physical skill. You simply cannot learn it from reading books or websites, or even from watching videos.
Oh I do agree, will not argue that. A little about me I can say I have applied technique from videos to improve my physical shooting skills. I will admit right now I'm also a bit behind on physical practice because of the price and availability of ammo, (that and last summer was a pretty busy year for me to practice much). Just today I priced ammo at $45/box for all calibers at my LGS (the only one with ammo because they are rationing it...) and realize the $150 non profit class that Frank mentioned is well over $200 if it includes more than 50 rds of live fire training... which, since Franks class provides ammo as well as range fees that's one hell of a deal right now, sign me up if your in my area.

Reading and lurking in this forum there is a lot of good advice from the voices of experience here, one of the benefits I get from even just lurking on this forum is discussion from experienced firearm lifestyles that I do not get in my otherwise anti-gun community and friends.

And BTW pax, as a guy I have bookmarked and referred to your website quite a few times for the good information there, your time and effort there is much appreciated.

So while I practice my draw and dry fire (safely of course) technique one of the things I keep thinking back to lately is a way to compile all the good information that is available into a series of articles presented in proper order with the intent of them to supplement regular range or practice sessions. This would never replace professional training but would be a great resource for those that need it.
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