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Revolver for Semi-Auto Shooter

First time poster, long time lurker. I have gotten some great information from you guys in the past, which is why I come to you now.
Even for someone under 25 I have always loved the 1911. It was the second handgun I shot (after a Sig P226, another fine design) and I fell in love immediately. I've shot quite a few other handguns including Glocks and the other polymer guns along with Walther P-38 derived guns with slide-mounted safeties etc., but there has always been something special about 1911-style ergonomics that kept me coming back. Especially the frame-mounted, down-to-shoot safety is instinctual to me. The first gun I bought was a Beretta 87 as a 22lr trainer, mostly because of the frame safety and my plans to suppress it when I can find an extended barrel. I am in the process of finding a Hi-Power to use for my CCP.
Despite this I have always loved the look and feel of revolvers. There is something solid and classy about wheelguns that even a single-action pistol shooter like myself can appreciate.
My question for you is, what revolver would be closest to the 1911 manual of arms? Does such a thing exist?
- Thumb-manipulation: Would a single action revolver be a good option?
-1911 grip angle: I don't want to complicate my training and slow down target acquisition, I'm already slow as molasses
-Short trigger pull. I rarely shoot DA, weight isn't so much the problem

I am a new shooter building my confidence until I am ready to CC. It would eventually be used as a "dog walking gun", i.e. to stand outside the apartment for a few minutes in a sweatshirt and range plinking
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