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a few questions

hello, I just joined and have been lurking and learning from y'all....
I have a very similar revolver at home, inherited it from an uncle, and have not had much luck identifying it-- no letter in front of the serial number just like this one.
My serial is 4144xx, stamped three places in it, as well as 46035 on the crane. grips are plastic, a bit lighter than the one OP has pictured... same 38 special ctg, appears to be nickel, but it looks pitted a bit under the finish. I dont have pix yet, thats why I just cobbed onto this thread.
what model is this thing? secondly, what year?

oh, another probably dumb question-- what is '+p" ? I am guessing its a different powder?
thanks for any help, and I will post a pic on an original thread as soon as possible!
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