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Originally Posted by Koda94 would be ideal if there was a worthy free program...
Wouldn't that be nice. But the reality is that it costs money to provide training. So if the student isn't paying, someone else must be.

I'm with a group of NRA certified instructors who put on an NRA Basic Handgun class once a month. It's a ten hour class, and these are some of the things involved:
  • We've prepared a powerpoint presentation that supports and illustrates the lecture portions of the class. We've developed or been able to obtain the use of illustrations, text, and some animation. We are continually updating and revising the presentation.

  • We print and bind a copy of the presentation in note taking form and give one to each student. This takes time and costs money for the materials.

  • We also give each student the NRA Basic Handgun class book as well as other materials. We have to buy these.

  • We have purchased various training aids for use in the class, including dummy ammunition, inert training guns ("blue" guns), and airsoft guns.

  • We have purchased eye protection and hearing protection (electronic muffs and foam plugs) for the students to use in the class.

  • We supply the guns and ammunition, and we pay the range fees.

  • We generally have a 2:1, and no more than 3:1, student to instructor ratio. We do a lot of one-on-one, hands-on work with students.

  • We have some operating expenses. As a non-profit corporation we must make various governmental filings. We also carry insurance. And we maintain and operate a website and a business mailbox.
All of that involves time and expense. And not one of us instructors receives any compensation; we're all volunteers.

Our class fee is $150.00. Since none of us are paid, that's about as "free" as a Basic Handgun class can get.
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