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Originally Posted by MLeake
So, even in a pro-RKBA state, unless classes are offered on a plentiful basis, and on weekdays and weekends; and unless the government is willing to subsidize training costs; and unless the government is willing to provide child-care; and unless the government is willing to provide transportation - then mandatory training disproportionately impacts the poor, and single parents.
I'm not exactly poor but not rich either and right now cant really afford higher professional training at the moment. I just wish there were established resources for good free training. So while I wish I read books, surf you-tube, and lurk articles on TFL...

Sorry for the thread drift, i wont go in that direction but its related to the OP in regards for the good reasons there should not be a training requirement to own a firearm but it would be ideal if there was a worthy free program or resource available to all. Wishful thinking perhaps but I bet that many poor folks who own that one gun they managed to get would take advantage of if they had the option, at the very least they would be more aware of the study.

...and +1 for Frank Ettins last post.
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