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Just got back from a pig hunt earlier this year. Two of the pigs (both over 150lbs) in the group we shot were taken with a 44 mag in a Henry Big Boy at 75 yards with shots in the ear. Neither of them took a second step. You can't tell me a 230gr ACP cartrige at handgun range won't kill one just the same.

They aren't as tough as people make them out to be. A bullet on the heavy side moving at a decent velocity should be fine.

I choose not to comment on "shots in the vitals with decent caliber weapons" and the pigs still going when my "inadequite" 308 put two hogs down at 100+ yards just fine. However, another friend made a less than perfect shot on one with his 30-06 that we didn't recover until the next day. My guess is that's where the majority of the people that say these things are "bullet proof" get their stories from.

FWIW my next hogs will confidently be killed with 45 Colt hand loads.
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