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LGS Ripoff!

I stopped in a south/eastern Tennessee gun store today and was completely disgusted with what I saw on their price gouging and lack of disregard for their customers. This was a well stocked small town store that seemed to have plenty of items that we all have been looking for. It appeared that their gouging was centered around just the popular pistol calibers and the AR platforms. I will never buy a thing from this store if this is how they do business. A few examples of the gouging below.
1000 small pistol primers $52
1lb of Universal Clays powder $50
20rds of PMC 223 FMJ $22
100rds of CCI 22LR $22
Used 20rd G.I. AR mags $30
AR 30rd Pmags $45
525rd carton of Remington 22LR $89
50rds of U.M.C 45acp FMJ $45
All their AR platforms were from $500 to almost a $1000 higher than normal.

It was very evident that they were taking full advantage of the crazynes going on. Large rifle primers were $32/1000. Medium and large caliber rifle powders were $29/1lb. Loaded factory rifle ammo was in line also.

I hope the locals remember how they were cheated when prices and availability start to improve.
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