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The Axis has a bit of an issue with stock flex because of the hole cut out around the trigger guard and the area of the stock around it, as you can see in this pic:

The flex is made more noticeable by the VERY heavy trigger pull that these guns come with. It can be made a little better by cutting down/lightening the spring, but its not made to be user adjustable like most rifles in this price range. I love Savage as a brand, they make some of the most accurate, quality rifles for the money but they should have sold the Axis under the Stevens brand to protect the Savage image IMO. The Axis is an OK rifle, but there are better options in this very competitive price range.

I went to a gun show today and Ruger Americans were selling like hotcakes at $329. There's been enough proof shown by threads on this forum to show that the RAR will shoot as good or better than alot of rifles costing much more. It may not win any beauty contests but it still looks better than a Axis IMO.

If I were buying an entry level bolt action it would be a Ruger American without a doubt.
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