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What kind of carry rig are you using? I ask because I carry a 5" 1911 at times, using a Beltman gunbelt and a $100 leather holster and I barely notice the weight at all.

The thing about wild hogs is that they are not as tough as people tend to think they are. I wouldn't want to rely on a .22 LR, granted, but a .45 with proper ammo selection will do the job if you do yours. The problem with hogs is that, compared with white tail deer, they have a relatively small kill zone. So shot placement can be a challenge. If you are a good shot with that 1911, and if it will reliably feed something like 230 grain semiwadcutters, it will serve you well if you can find a way to deal with the weight. Honestly, I'd feel fine carrying a 4" .38 with a hot 158 grain or heavier hardcast semiwadcutter. Something with lots of penetration ability.

A lighter option could be something like the aforementioned Glock, or any of of the other polymer framed autos. Though with a full ammo load and a spare mag out most still going to be well more than 2 lbs. Something like a 3" Ruger SP101 or S&W Model 60 in .357 Magnum may be a possibility.
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