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Originally Posted by 603Country
I'd be willing to bet money (a reasonable sum) that with factory barrels from the mass manufacturers, the heavy barrels will shoot consistently better than the thinner barrels. I would not make that bet on custom barrels, though some little voice in my head says that if I had to build a rifle to make just the perfect shot, it would have a heavy barrel.

My cousin was in blackpowder unlimited at the national class level, and his unlimited barrel must be 4 inches across at the muzzle. I never asked him why he needed a heavy barrel and not some thin whippy barrel, but I suspect that I know the reason.
You would loose your bet. Not to very long ago I would have made the same bet though.

Top target; Custom built Remington 700 .308 heavy barrel. Bottom target: Remington 700 30-06 factory action and sporter barrel. Both rifles have Timney triggers. .308 is in a fully adjustable Bell & Carson Medalist 5 stock. Rifle weights close to 25 Lbs. The 30-06 is in a Bell & Carson Medalist 4. Rifle weights around 7 Lbs.

Both are 5 shot groups. I pulled one with the 06 (bottom target) it wasn't the rifle. Both strings were fired 5 shot in succession only taking long enough to eject the spent case and toss a new round in the chamber. Both rifles started cold.

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