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Alright awesome, thanks for the feedback. I'm really not sure if I would want to open a shop or just have a shop in my garage for my own personal projects (probably the latter). After looking around a bit I have seen a few job fairs in various states that one can attend for the weekend, meet manufacturers face to face and get a feel for what is being sought after. These seem like they would be beneficial to attend and make a good starting point for lining up a job prior to completing the program. I would also like to look into other classes that teach hand engraving (I know Lassen Community College does) as that has been something I have wanted to learn for quite a while. Really appreciate your feedback, nice to hear from someone who knows the industry rather than get a bunch of mixed info from google searches.

Definitely have a lot to look into and read up on, but the Colorado School of Trades is most likely the one I will attend, and I will probably try to start a year from now after everything with a car accident settlement I am in the process of acquiring settles, still not sure if the defense is going to settle with me outside of court or if I will have to go to court over it - everything should be mellowed out by then. In the meantime I have signed up for some April - June classes on welding and advanced metal/wood working, just to brush up on skills in that area. Also going to take on a few project rifles and guns over the next year and start working on acquiring better quality hand tools. Will possibly drive down to California for a week to attend the week long course on hand engraving and start working on becoming skilled in it. Definitely a lot to think about.

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