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Competition Skills

Hi guys and gals,

For reasons of my own, I'm compiling a list of competition-specific skills you need if you're going to win or even do well at gun games.

To keep this clear, let's make USPSA the game in question (that's not one I've played, other than very casually and occasionally). I'm thinking about skills beyond being able to hit the target, things like...
  • choosing equipment
  • choosing ammo
  • setting up the gear on your belt
  • using cover quickly

Lots more there, I'm sure. Probably a subheader or six under each item on the list above, and about a jillion more I haven't thought of. That's why I'm asking you!

Other than basic marksmanship skills (such as you would get standing in a stall at an indoor range on a casual weekend day), what does a successful USPSA shooter need to know, or need to know how to do?

Kathy Jackson
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