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Some of the best gunsmiths I've had the good fortune to work with are from Trinidad. Maybe off the subject, but the gunsmithing program is a smaller part of a business/secretarial skills school. It's a beautiful area and at any given time the ratio of women to men there is about 4 to 1.
I looked into that one, only reason I would choose the one in Denver is due to a friend I have there that would be willing to rent out a 2 bedroom place with me, which will save me on living expenses, as well as family in the gunsmithing business only 3 hours away. Why does the school in Trinidad appeal to women more than other schools? I'm in my early 20's (23), so being close to downtown Denver is also a plus haha.

Edit: I take that back, Trinidad is closer to New Mexico than Denver. Had my geography back asswards. Still, having a friend in Denver to split living costs with will be a huge plus.
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