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Looks like Colorado School of Trades is where I will go. $19,800 tuition for their two year program, but definitely worth it. Looks like they have manufacturers such as Brownells, Sig, Glock, and so forth come out every few months to give extracurricular classes that pay out a certificate upon completion. Their gun club seems pretty fun too, and it looks like they have a job board and information on various gunsmithing job fairs around the country. Wouldn't hurt to fly out to one and get a chance to talk with the various manufacturers to see what the job outlook is looking like. Have a friend in Denver and a family member who is a gunsmith out in Raton (3 hours from Denver), so that will be perfect.

Had another question that I haven't been able to find an answer to. Upon completing a program at one of these schools, do you then attempt to obtain an apprenticeship with a gunsmith to get some more working experience to add to a resume in before applying to major companies? Or do you just try to get whatever job you can to gain experience and then hope to get an opportunity with a larger company from there? Still would like to eventually start a business back in Oregon as there are absolutely no actual gunsmiths in my area or within 50 miles who have a business and take on clients. But I need to take it in baby steps and learn all I can first. Definitely humbling.
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