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Not sure how potent a round you are using, but I did something like that to check an old pistol round. It was a load one at a time setup. I used an Arisaka action and bolt. I turned the bolt down in the front of the lugs and threaded the area I turned down. I then made a bolt head and tapped the back so I could screw it on the turned/threaded bolt. The face of the bolt head I milled a "C" into with a key cutter I ground to the size of the bullet case rim. The threaded area gave you enough room to function the bolt without the opening to the "C" cut changing position. Basically, this set up is headspaceing on the case groove and working as the extractor. I guess you could really spiffy it up and refine it some what, but I used it just to do quick checks on weird stuff.
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