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I feel everyone's pain

I have been in the market for a 6" Smith and Wesson 617 and there are none to be had within 80 miles of me so I have been looking online. I figured I would luck out and get one at or a little below MSRP of $829 after shipping and transfer fees but with everyone going brain dead and totally bat**** crazy like this I guess I will just have to cool it for a bit:
I realize I should not expect a great deal with the current conditions but this is ridiculous! the 617 has been on my list to buy for a long time and I have saved a bit and got my income tax refund burning a hole in my pocket. I refuse to pay these prices as I have NEVER paid full MSRP for any firearm, including the other 3 Smiths I own. It'll cool down eventually and I will just have to be content to shoot what I already own even though it still ticks me off.
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