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Clyd Frog said:
Years ago, in the early 1990s, a young exchange student was shot & killed in a tragic mishap in the Baton Rouge LA area. The unarmed youth was lost & went to the home of the wrong person. The student was also wearing KISS make up, excited to go to a American rock concert with friends.
The home owner freaked & pulled out a hunting type .44magnum revolver shooting the victim several times.
The home owner was later cleared of criminal charges but the firearm type was a major factor in the incident.
And why so? Would it have made any difference if he had used a double action only 9mm, or a DAO Smith & Wesson revolver? He shot an unarmed man who came to his door, dressed as a freak. Did this person pose a threat? And how did he do so?

Something is awfully wrong here.

Bob Wright
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