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Leupold offers the best customer service and turn around time of all the optic companies.
My personal experience has been less than 10 days max even in the fall during hunting season. One of the scope was 31 years old. they repaired it no charge.
I sent a Nikon 3x9 Monarch back that had fogged up. They set me a new monarch scope, but it wasn't until several phone calls and 9 weeks later.
I dropped a (2 years old) weaver Grand Slam 4 X 12 and broke the objective lens. I called Weaver corporate in the Carolinas at that time, to get a return authorization. When they asked what was wrong and I told them it was dropped and had a broken eye piece they told me that was abuse and they only do warranty work. Only thing they would do was give me a $50 dollar break on a retail price for a new scope. I declined, I called Premier reticle, Lee Dot to see if they could repair it and they both told me they were not able to get parts from weaver. 2 months later in my NRA mag was an add for Weaver scopes but they were in Wisc. I called them up and they said yes we can repair it, but because they had just become the Weaver Corporate office they did not have a customer service group organized yet, but in the future they would. Weaver has changed owners more times than a pair of dirty panties in a fraternity panty raid.
They gave me a return authorization number and I sent it in for and estimate of repair. They were supposed to contact me with a repair cost. Never heard from them. Started calling, same lip service, haven't got to it yet, big back log. Same Blah blah blah for 7 months! Then one day it shows up with a bill for $100 dollars. Not bad but no communication and why so long a wait.
I've dealt with Simmons, Sighttron, Bushnell all different horror stories. But I don't have a horror story to tell about Leupold. All my dealings with them have been excellent, they have shown me that the customer is really important. Based on that they get all my business, and I will recommend them to all who ask.
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