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I enjoy training, in general, and think it is a very good idea. I recommend training with good instructors when time and finances permit.

I do NOT support mandatory training, at all.

As has been noted by others in this thread, and by me in several other threads, mandatory training requirements can pose the following challenges:

1) A state or municipality that does not support RKBA can deliberately create onerous training requirements, to keep most people from even trying;

2) Even if a state or municipality operates in good faith -
a) Some people can't afford to pay for the class(es);
b) Some people won't be able to attend classes, depending upon availability, due to work or child-raising constraints;
c) Some people won't be able to get to the locations where classes are held, due to lack of transportation.

So, even in a pro-RKBA state, unless classes are offered on a plentiful basis, and on weekdays and weekends; and unless the government is willing to subsidize training costs; and unless the government is willing to provide child-care; and unless the government is willing to provide transportation - then mandatory training disproportionately impacts the poor, and single parents.
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