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I'm quit positive that the no-go gauge is OK. I trust it completely, I've used it on various bolt actions, M-i,s and Browning also and it works. Like I said, its mostly on guns people are trying to move, probably because they are having a problem with it. They won't admit to that if they want to sell or trade.
I believe the Rem auto or pump for the most part is a blue collar gun owner who only owns a half a dozen or so guns. They don't get rid of them unless there is a problem. For that matter they don't shoot them much either to create a problem.
I have used the gauges on my friends Rem rifles that are not experiencing any problems and the action won't close on the no-go gauge.
In my original post I said beware of the used Rem rifle. I'm not laying claim to all of them. A lot of Rem owners a satisfied with there rifle and evidently not experiencing any problems. Thats proven by how many are out there in use. I personally don't sell a lot of Rem autos or pumps. I have sold some, but the headspace is correct. The people who bought them from me must be happy or they would be calling me. I stand behind the guns I sell, if there is an immediate problem, let me know. I don't operate on a "Buyer Beware Basis."
My take on them is this. They either left the factory with excessive head space. Or they are soft, because like I said the owners as a rule don't shoot them often enough to WEAR them out. That should not happen until we pass 20,000 rounds fired.
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