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@Mr. McCain & Mr. Sap: I've been following this thread and like many others poo-poo'd the excessive head space claim. However, the second part of Mr. McCain's response gives me pause. He states that he trades/deals with many remington pumps and autos, and about half accept a no-go gauge. If we accept his actual experience, then that could mean one of three things:
A. bolt setback occurs, or
B. half of remingtons left the factory with excesive head space, or
C. his no-go gauge is bad.
Which begs these questions to Mr. Mccain:

1. Did you try your no-go gauge in other makes and actions of rifles and did you experience similar rates of excessive head space?
2. I know the lugs and barrel extensions were re-designed and are different between the 760/740 series and the 7600/7400/6/4's. Was there a difference in failure rates between the older and newer model series or were they the same?

As an aside to Mr. Sap: I really envy you for your 760 chambered for .300 savage. That's a classic rifle.

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