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Originally Posted by wmg1299
.223 ammo may be the only ammo that is harder to come by in this area than .22LR. I completed basic rifle training using a .223, and think it may be a bit much for the kids. When the ammo is available around here, it is insanely expensive.

Kinda leaning toward the .17hmr, assuming I can find a reasonablly model that is actually in stock somewhere. Thanks for the suggestions.
Sorry to hear about the .223 ammo. I reload so not affected right now. The range always has lots of bulk .223 and they refuse to jack the price up.

Not sure how old the kids are but my 7 year old Grandson LOVES shooting my AR (off the bench). I give him a little help when he shoot the .223 bolt gun.

You can't go wrong with the 17. It's really fun to shoot.
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