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To me, the .380 is going strong. Though not as effective as larger and more powerful rounds, still ammo technology for the .380 ACP will continue to advance, making it more effective.

I carried a Browning BDA 380 in a shoulder holster back in the early '90s, and for some boneheaded reason, I sold it to another officer for no good reason. I posted about getting rid of it in the thread about those who do those types of things. Finally....after waiting for one to pop up in front of me, one finally did this last Saturday. The "PX" shows that it was made in '83. Due to the ammo shortage, I could only find Hornady 90 gr XTP hollow points here locally. I will probably go to the 102 gr Golden Sabers when I can find some. I've already qualified with it and carrying it off duty. Looking for a good leather thumb snap holster-probably a Bianchi 19L.
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