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Hey all, don't underestimate the killing power of that 300 Savage, my 1951 Model 99 has taken several Elk in Utah as well as countless Whitetails.
Not by my hand, but the previous owners, he used 150 grainers for deer and 180 grainers for Elk. Keep the shots reasonable and it will do it's job, and do it well.
A Model 99 can be had in 308, just have to look long & hard with lots of patience. Been reloading the 300 for years and got the best results with BLC-2 and Sierra
150 grn round nose bullets (1-7/8"@100) and H-335 with 165 grn Speer Grand Slam's (1-3/8"@100), don't know the velocity, but out to 250 yards or so this one is deadly!

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