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Metal god wrote:
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Posts: 852 I'm not sure if it works the same way in all states but if the senator is not my senator . I'm unable to email them . This really bugs me . There vote will impact everyone in CA but if I'm not there constituent there web page will not except my email and tells me to contact my rep . This would be no big deal if there vote only impacted there district but it doesn't . Does anybody have a quick way around this glitch ? I would like to email everybody that has a vote .
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With members of the House of Representatives and or U.S. Senate, that has not been my experience.

If however, there web site should reject your comment, try the following toll free number. 1-866-220-0044. It rings at Capitol Switchboard, and callers are connected with whichever congressional or senate office they ask for.

Sometimes you will get a human being, staffers are perhaps such things, sometimes you can only leave a brief message, try writing out what you have to say beforehand. The small effort could well prove worthwhile, who knows.
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