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What you can do & what you should do...

My point in this forum topic, is what you can do & what you should do are 2 different things.
To carry a SA revolver & use it in a critical incident is dicey. No matter how many SASS or cowboy shooting matches you won.
Can you safely hold a human being at gun point in a high stress event with a SA Colt SAA? Or a Freedom Arms .454?
Years ago, in the early 1990s, a young exchange student was shot & killed in a tragic mishap in the Baton Rouge LA area. The unarmed youth was lost & went to the home of the wrong person. The student was also wearing KISS make up, excited to go to a American rock concert with friends.
The home owner freaked & pulled out a hunting type .44magnum revolver shooting the victim several times.
The home owner was later cleared of criminal charges but the firearm type was a major factor in the incident.

I recently went over the CT, , website & read that CT mandates that NO single action revolvers or semi-auto pistols(Hi Powers, 1911s, etc) can be authorized for retired LE officers, LEOSA(Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act).
As I posted, what you can do & what you should do in 2013 are different subjects. You can tote a Serbu short barrel 12ga or a Desert Eagle .50AE but would you need to?
As for a jury or prosecutor, the "hey so what" mindset can lead to a lot of legal problems later.
Critical incidents are not TV cop shows or Hollywood movies. Carrying a SA revolver is not a smart idea.

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