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Well, I just got out my Lyman Revolver and Pistol loading manual. I stated above that the site Load Data gives ~1170 fps with a 115 grain HP with 5.0 grains of W231.

The Lyman manual gives 1253 fps at 32,100 CUP with 4.9 grains of W231 and this is the MAXIMUM load! I've got an older manual where I got 5.0 grains but don't have it in front of me now. The manual stated the data came from a 4" Universal Receiver.

This same manual lists a 4.2 grain Maximum load with a 125 grain pointed cast bullet for 1116 fps and again I'm using 5.0 grains with a 125 grain round nose cast lead bullet. Anyway, my loads shoot very well at 5.0 grains and I'm not changing anything. No pressure signs and no ejection problems.

The only thing I could find on velocity for Federal 9mm Champion was a post in the highroad which stated that Champion is 1120 fps and American Eagle is 1180 fps for the 115 grain load. There are references on the net to Champion being under powered and therefore causes ejection problems.

Hope this helps...
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