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I've enjoyed my time around Nashville, had a friend who lived in Hendersonville.
I just like the idea of living in a state where very time I step outside I say "Wow."

I'm a rural kind of guy, but my wife is more of a suburb girl. There's so much to like in TN. (Waffle House!)

I like the idea of having some land, but I'm willing to travel to a gun club if needed.

Not worried about rough areas, I've worked in some of the worst around here. I'll take whatever I can find to get me and my sons out of this state.
" Of every One-Hundred men, Ten shouldn't even be there, Eighty are nothing but targets, Nine are real fighters... We are lucky to have them...They make the battle. Ah, but the One, One of them is a Warrior... and He will bring the others back."
- Heraclitus (circa 500 BC)
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